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Here's the latest news and events happening in the Monterey County Sheriff's Department.

2018 Deputy Sheriff and Investigator Of The Year Awardees Announced

On Friday, March 22, 2019, The Monterey County Peace Officer's Association held their annual awards ceremony to recognize law enforcement personnel in Monterey County who had done an outstanding job in 2018. Deputy Sheriff Of The Year  Deputy Sheriff Reanna Lilga was given the 2018 Deputy Sheriff Of The Year Award by the association. During th...
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Monterey County Deputy Sheriffs Receive Awards For Life Saving Incidents

Every day, the brave men and women of the Monterey County Sheriff's Department provide some of the finest law enforcement services to the people of Monterey County. At a recent awards ceremony, a collection of deputy sheriffs received awards for their outstanding performance during critical situations within the last two years. Deputy Saves Life Of...
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Monterey County Deputy Sheriff's Association Urges You To SUPPORT SB 230

Frequently, members of the community often ask us what they can do to help with legislation that affects law enforcement. In some cases, some legislative efforts also affect the members of our community, such as SB 230 and AB 392. Support SB 230  Please join the Monterey County Deputy Sheriff's Association and the Peace Officers Research Assoc...
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You Can Help First Responders Who Have Lost Everything While Fighting The Fires

There are firefighters and law enforcement officers who have been working tirelessly at the Camp Fire in Butte County, who unfortunately lost their homes, vehicles and personal belongings to the fire. Imagine continuing your duties to help others, while knowing you yourself have nothing left.  Please consider making a donation to one of two or...
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Meet Investigator Bill Mixer

Investigator Bill Mixer
Monterey County District Attorney's Office Investigator Guillermo "Bill" Mixer was elected as vice-president of the Monterey County Deputy Sheriff's Association last week.   Bill began his career with the Los Angeles Police Department in 1995 and spent 20 years serving the city of Los Angeles before retiring and relocating to Monterey County. ...
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Twelve Truths About Lying

Twelve Truths
Michael Josephson is an influential and internationally renowned champion of character education for youth and ethical conduct in business, government, policing, journalism, sports, healthcare, and law. He is credited by many as the person most responsible for reviving and professionalizing the character education in school and youth-serving organi...
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SFPCU Wants To Help You Pay For College!

SFPCU wants to help you pay for college! Each year, SFPCU awards four $1,000 scholarships to support our members with a passion for learning and a desire to make a difference in their communities. Our 2018 application period is open now and continues through December 31, 2017 ! Candidate Requirements Applicants must be SFPCU members who have been w...
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Association Law Offices Targeted

On Wednesday, July 12, the law offices of Mastagni Holstedt were vandalized when someone placed graffiti on the outside of their offices in Sacramento.  The Monterey County Deputy Sheriff's Association is represented by Mastagni Holstedt. It is disheartening to know there are individuals and groups still present in our communities who wish to ...
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Alcohol & Cops: The Risks Are Real

By John Becker Mention the words "police officer" and many images come to mind. One of the most common is someone strong standing in between innocence and danger. Law enforcement officers face so many risks today. Drug use, robberies, and violent crimes are on the rise. Repeat offenders seem to perpetually revolve through the justice system. In yea...
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Ingredients For Better Law Enforcement Outcomes

In another effort to provide new guidelines on law enforcement's use of force, the National Consensus Policy on Use of Force (NCP) was recently released by 11 major law enforcement leadership organizations. These policies are set out as a template for agencies for comparison with current policies and improve upon them. We welcome their contribution...
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Police Pensions Endangered

Police Pensions Endangered
California's perpetual debate over public employee pensions has always revolved about what's called the "California rule" – a series of court decisions that seemingly prohibit any changes in pension benefits once they are granted. The debate has intensified in recent years as the California Public Employee Retirement System and other state and loca...
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